IBM 5162  -  GSETUP

IMPORTANT:   The following assumes that your IBM 5162 is fitted with IBM 5162 BIOS ROMs, i.e. not swapped out for non-IBM ones.
If non-IBM BIOS ROMs are fitted in your 5162, the following may not work (it depends on the particular BIOS).

Motherboard BIOS configuration of the 5162 is referred to by IBM as SETUP.  Some people refer to it as CMOS SETUP.
IBM's way of performing SETUP on the 5162, is to use the 'Diagnostics for IBM AT and IBM XT Model 286' floppy.

The use of the third-party DOS program GSETUP.EXE is an alternative.

If you decide to use GSETUP.EXE, then note the following known problems/issues:


1. GSETUP.EXE does not perform SETUP for all AT-class computers/BIOS'.
It is designed for the IBM BIOS supplied in the IBM 5162, the IBM 5170, and non-IBM BIOS' that store their SETUP information in exactly the same way.
A non-IBM BIOS may store its SETUP information differently.
If your non-IBM BIOS has a way of performing SETUP, use that.
2. A design flaw in GSETUP is that it expects the existing expansion memory setting in the CMOS/RTC chip to be 0 or a multiple of 128 KB (which is the norm).
If, for whatever reason, the existing expansion memory is not 0 or a multiple of 128 KB, then you will probably discover that you cannot set the expansion memory setting to the figure that you need it to be.
If you are in that situation, you need to clear the CMOS/RTC chip by performing the procedure here, and then rerun GSETUP.