Trio CS-2110  -  Problems

I purchased my CS-2110 new in the 1980's.  Since then, it has only had one problem.

Background By design, between power-off and power-on, the CS-2110 'remembers' the state of the various buttons.
Symptom At power on, all of the various buttons are in a default state, and cannot be changed.  E.g. The mode setting is stuck at 'CH1'.  Pressing any other mode button does not change the mode; it's stuck at 'CH1'.
Cause The internal 3V lithium battery (a CR2430) had run low.
Fix Removed battery.  I did not replace it with new, because I did not need my CS-2110 to remember the button settings at power-off.
Note The battery had leads and was soldered to its parent board.  I cut it off at the leads.