Examples of 4132 class RAM chips

32K by 1 bit, in a particular pin configuration ('pinout').
32K by 1 bit = 32,768 bits

The 4132 consists of two stacked (piggybacked) chips.  The top chip is slighly different to the bottom chip.

Japanese makers tend not to print prefixes on ICs and transistors.  In photos below, it is seen that at least NEC is in that category for the 4132.

IMPORTANT:  The table below does not show all of the chip's characteristics/specifications (that is what a datasheet is for).
Apart from major differences (such as access time), there can be differences (some subtle) that result in a particular 4132 chip not being suitable for your purpose.
Sometimes, a device maker will produce a list of chips known to be compatible with their device.

Make Part Number Access
Photo Source Datasheet   Comment
Intel ? ? ? ? photo      See note 1
NEC µPD4132 ? ? photo      Photo of 'IBM 64KB Memory Expansion' card.  [Link]
Texas Instruments TMS4132-15 150 ns 128cycle/2ms     datasheet  TMS4132-15JDL
Texas Instruments TMS4132-20 200 ns 128cycle/2ms     datasheet  TMS4132-20JDL
Texas Instruments TMS4132-25 250 ns 128cycle/2ms     datasheet  TMS4132-25JDL

Note 1 The photo is of an 'IBM 64KB Memory Expansion' card, a card that uses 4132 class RAM chips.
The RAM chips appear to be Intel made.