IBM 5160  -  Significant Differences to the IBM 5150

RAM count-up at power on

At power up, as the conventional memory is tested by the POST, the operator sees an on-screen incrementing memory count.
(On the 5150, the operator sees only an underline character.)


1. A well has been added to the underside of the case. (Some late 5150 cases have it also.)
That well is used to access some of the screws that secure the drives.
Photo at here.
2. Because of motherboard changes:
• There are more card slots at the rear and they are in different positions.
• The hole for the keyboard connector is in a different position.
• See here.

Power supply

Overall wattage approximately doubled  (130W versus the 5150's 63W).

To be noted is that the increase is only for the +5V and +12V output lines; the -5V and -12V lines are unchanged.  Click here to see a breakdown.

Floppy drive count

The 5160 requires at least one floppy drive.    (Unlike in the 5150, the 5160 has no motherboard switch setting for zero floppy drives.)


There are quite a few motherboard differences.  Click here to see a list of some.